Is RCI a Good Use of DVC Points?

August 21, 2021 Lori Webb | Leave A Comment

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At DVC Sales, we continuously analyze the benefits and features of being a Disney Vacation Club member. As a DVC member, you get to experience Disney magic for years to come. Plus, there are endless possibilities to visit non-Disney resorts worldwide when you exchange DVC points into the Resort Condominiums International (RCI) program. However,is trading your points into this program worth it? We discuss the pros and cons below!

What is RCI?

RCI is a timeshare brokerage company that partners with Disney to allow DVC members to exchange vacation points for stays at 4,000 resorts around the globe. Through the RCI program, DVC members have access to destinations throughout the USA, Europe, and beyond.

RCI features

There are several things to consider when choosing to use your vacation points for an RCI resort stay. Here are the top advantages and disadvantages of using the program.


The RCI program gives DVC members access to a whole new world of resorts and timeshares. Members who exchange through the RCI network have the opportunity to explore other destinations worldwide. The biggest advantage that we have seen to depositing your points with RCI, is when you are running out of other options and your points are close to their expiration date. Rather than lose your points entirely, why not deposit the points with RCI giving you the option to use one of their resorts over the next 2 years? In this case, you have extended the life of your points. The RCI program is available for all DVC members, regardless of whether you purchased your membership directly from Disney or through a DVC resale broker.


One drawback that makes DVC members hesitant to use RCI is that you must surrender your DVC points and exchange them before seeing RCI’s resort availability. Once you exchange your points, you cannot convert them back if you change your mind. In addition, many RCI resorts simply aren’t the same quality as Disney resorts. Many feel that they exchanged a high-quality item for something of considerably lesser value- kind of like trading a Cadillac for a Chevrolet. When you exchange your points, the $95 standard service fee is something to factor into whether the RCI program is worth it. Also, members find less flexibility with RCI vacations, as most resorts require a week-long minimum stay and check-in and out on Sundays.

Should I exchange my DVC points for RCI?

Our advice is to rent out unused vacation points using a DVC point rental company, then use the cash to go on any vacation you'd like. For example, it takes 260 vacation points to exchange into a two-bedroom RCI resort during the high season. View the RCI point exchange chart here . Since DVC points are very much in demand from renters outside the DVC network, members can typically rent their DVC points for $13-$16 per point, which means you could earn as much as $4,000+ from renting out your points. Can you stay at another resort for the same or less? Do your research, but the likely answer is yes!

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