How to Sell Your DVC Membership: A Step-by-Step Guide

March 08, 2020 Lori Webb | Leave A Comment

How to

Are you looking to sell your Disney Vacation Club membership on the resale market but unsure about the process? At DVC Sales, we make buying and selling your Disney Vacation Club membership easy. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to sell your DVC membership.


At DVC Sales, you are in charge of setting your listing price, so you’ll need to spend a little time determining your membership’s potential value. Our Resale Value Calculator is a great tool to help you price your contract automatically. We’ll calculate a range of suggested per-point prices based on your specific membership. Since the number of points currently available is the biggest factor in determining your membership’s worth, you’ll want to view our current DVC resale listings for similar contracts to see what a good asking price may be.


Our team at DVC Sales assists sellers in determining the appropriate price for their contract every day, so contact us if you have questions about pricing your membership.


The first step is to create an account. Simply click the button on the top right-hand corner of this screen. You’ll be guided through a few prompts to create an account and publish your listing on our website. To save time, make sure you have your contract and member ID number on hand. To ensure new listing accuracy, we’ll ask you for an electronic signature so we can contact Disney on your behalf for a current Point Activity Statement (PAS). This helps us verify your membership and confirm the number of points that are currently available. We do this with all new listings to confirm that all of our DVC resale listings are authentic.


You’ll receive an automated email or text when an offer is made on your listing. Some buyers make special requests for specific memberships. If your contract meets their criteria, they’ll receive an email notifying them of your new listing.


Once a buyer places an offer, you’ll be notified immediately by text or email through our automated system. You can then accept or place a counter-offer with the buyer. If both parties agree on the terms, an agreement will be automatically generated. Once signed, we’ll send you and the buyer a copy of the fully executed agreement. We will also send the contract to our title company and to Disney to start the ROFR process. ROFR stands for Right Of First Refusal and is the process of sending your contract to the Disney Vacation Club Review Board. Disney has 30 days (it’s usually less) to review the proposed terms of every contract sold on the resale market. Disney is able to step in as the buyer and they do so about 15%-20% of the time. This process ensures DVC membership prices stay in line with current resale market values. If Disney chooses to exercise the right to buy the contract back, you will receive the exact same amount of money you had already agreed upon with your buyer. Once a contract goes through ROFR, you’re one step closer to closing. From start to finish, the process typically takes about 30-45 days once a contract has been signed by both parties. As a seller, you will receive the contract price minus $150 for Disney’s ROFR and estoppel fee and our real estate commission. Buyers are responsible for reimbursing the seller for the dues for this year (based on the number of points currently available and bankable) and they pay all closing costs. This is more money in your pocket!

Why list with DVC Sales?

Our automated selling process makes listing your DVC membership easy. We have 600-800 daily visitors on our site who will see your DVC resale listing, and most of our inventory is sold within 30-40 days. Our commission rate is lower than many resale companies, which gives you more money in your pocket at closing. Plus, with over 25 years of experience working directly for the Disney Vacation Club, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist buyers as they learn more about DVC. We have helped thousands of families purchase DVC and now, we are here to help sellers as well. Right now, we have 80 families who are waiting for the right membership to make their DVC dreams a reality—maybe it’s yours! Get started by creating an account today.

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