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Determining how many DVC vacation points you should purchase is one of the most important questions anyone looking to buy a DVC membership will ask. This question constantly comes up because there isn’t one correct answer—it depends on you, your family, and the value you place on your DVC membership. Here are the most important things to consider when determining how many DVC points you should purchase.


The amount of DVC points you need for your vacation will depend on when you typically visit, how often, and how long you’ll stay. If you visit during the busiest times of the year (like during Christmas and spring break), you’ll need more points than you would in the middle of September. For 2021 and 2022, Disney divided the yearly point charts into seven travel periods, all with different point amounts based on the type of accommodation. How long you plan to stay will also be a significant factor for how many points you’ll need—and whether those days will be broken up into shorter trips throughout the year or used all at once during the same travel period. In addition, weekday nights typically use fewer points than weekend nights, so you’ll need to determine how many weekends you plan to visit in a year.


You’ll need more points to stay at a Deluxe Villa (which sleeps 12) at the Grand Floridian than you would for a Studio at Old Key West. When determining how many points you need, think about your family size and who will stay with you when you visit. You’ll also want to consider what your family will look like several years from now: do you plan to have more children? Will grandchildren want to stay with you? Are you empty-nesters looking for a couples getaway? Your desired view will also determine the points you’ll need; a room at Bay Lake Tower with a view of Magic Kingdom will use more points than a standard view at the same resort.

If you’ve already purchased a DVC contract and find that you never have enough points to reserve the accommodations you want, it may be time to add on to your membership. Purchasing additional vacation points on our DVC resale marketplace is a great way to do so. On our DVC resale listing page, you’ll find various point options with more flexibility than buying directly from Disney. Plus, you’ll save 20 to 50% off direct pricing!


The resort location and amenities have a lot to do with how many DVC points it will take to stay there. Deluxe resorts like the Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and Animal Kingdom Lodge will take more points than a value resort like Old Key West. Also, newer resorts typically use more points than older resorts. Resorts within walking distance to a theme park, such as Bay Lake Tower or the BoardWalk Villas, may also use more points than other resorts.


We’ve made it easy to figure out how many DVC vacation points you should purchase. Our Vacation Point Calculator will automatically calculate the number of points you need based on your desired Home Resort, length of stay, and check-in and check-out dates. No complicated calculations needed! Try it out here. Have questions? Start a live chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner of this screen to speak with a DVC Sales team member. We’re happy to help!

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